"You're not quite dressed until a pair of earrings add sparkle."

Well, we agree with this statement to make every outfit flawless, we all require dreamy and stylish earrings. Precious gemstone stud earrings are exceptionally loved because they add elegance and richness to our look. Studs can be worn anywhere with anything and work as a style statement. This is the reason many of us never miss gemstone studs in our vanity.

What makes studs stand apart?

1. Studs are for all

Starting from the first earring for a young girl to a mature lady, studs are loved by women of all ages. They have always been style statements no matter what age you are. These studs complement almost all outfits and can make any woman feel confident about herself. Studs sophisticatedly go well along with simple as well as glamorous outfits. When we talk about men's jewelry, studs are the most gender-neutral jewelry that gives the perfect sporty look to men.

2. Simplified stone wear

Gone are the days when bulky stone jewelry was the only option, these days studs had been incorporated into daily lifestyle. Whether it is any physically intensive activity or daily routine, studs are tough to stand all.

3. Personalize your Style

You can add a personal touch by choosing your favorite color gemstone in the studs you wear. It works wonderfully for those who want exactly matching color jewelry with their outfit & change daily. To increase your spark, consider sapphire stud earrings' in “halo” setting because it makes a small stone look larger adding glamour to the formal look.

Sapphire Earrings

4. Sapphire as Studs

Many people do not know that sapphires are one of the strongest stones due to their toughness. Blue sapphire is primarily known for their beautiful color but they are also available in a variety of colors. Sapphire studs are versatile, so you need not complement sapphire with any other gems and let your precious stone take the centre stage. They work wonders when you desire a minimalistic uber chic look. Team up a simple white shirt & denim with classic sapphire earring.

How to buy sapphire stud earrings?

Natural sapphire earrings come in mesmerizing hues of blue ranging from light to dark. A royal blue color sapphire with deep saturation is a highly valuable and rare stone. Sapphire in a heavily included or opaque look should not be purchased. The rule of thumb is to buy sapphire earrings with a stone of AAA grading or above.

1. Prong Setting

sapphire solitaire ring with prong setting

In this style, sapphire is placed with metal claws or prongs. It is the most popular style & used with a variety of shapes. The premier part of this setting is that it highlights the exquisiteness of the stone from all angles when light hits it. This is the reason it should be worn in the daytime or evening.

2. Bezel Setting

In this style, a metal frame surrounds the stone giving it the ultimate form of protection and a more conventional look. Bezel settings come in various types but three are post popular: full bezel, partial bezel and designer bezel setting. Apart from rendering strength to the center stone, the bezel setting also hides flaws in the stone.

3. Halo setting

sapphire halo earrings

In this setting the stone is fixed closely surrounded by diamonds holding it all together. This minimizes the look of the metal & drawing attention to sparkle. Jewelers need high precision for setting stones using this technique; lasers are needed to produce a perfect result. One of the most sparkling settings, the halo setting perhaps needs no introduction. You might have seen earrings, rings and pendants wherein the centre stone is surrounded by one or more rows of diamonds augmenting the beauty of the center stone; that is the unmistakable halo setting.

Halo setting also comes in a few variations: single halo, double halo etc. A pair of sapphire stud earrings featuring the timeless diamond halo is a combination which suits everyone. Since sapphire comes in a wide array of colors, you can create a halo of your own preferred gem to suit your persona.

Studs are a fail-safe way for an elegant look. Obviously, you will not be the first one to experiment with them but they are adored throughout generations. Swap your regular earrings next time with these easily worn classic sapphire stud earrings for the perfect ensemble.

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